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League Tourney


1stRd Due to

Bad Weather

2007 Delafield Church

League Tournament
*Teams in bold are higher seeded home teams

Tuesday, August 14 Tourney Schedule
(Winning Teams in Red)

Fireman’s Park
Westbrook Omega vs. Oakwood Red (6pm)
11-4 Final

Fish Hatchery Field
DR Crusaders vs. Highview (6pm)
4-3 Final

Town of Delafield (Sports Commons)
St Catherine’s vs. White Stone (6pm)
11-4 Final

Town of Delafield (DelTown Park)
Dr Martin Luther 2 vs. Westbrook Alpha (6pm)
14-4 Final

Saturday, August 25 Tourney Schedule
(Locations and Game Times NOT finalized)

Town of Delafield (Sports Commons)
Game C:
White Stone vs. Oakwood Blue (TBD)

Fish Hatchery Field
Game D: Westbrook Alpha vs. Dr Martin Luther 1 (TBD)

Fireman’s Park
Game A: Oakwood Red vs. DR Beacons (TBD)
Game E: Winner A vs. Winner D (TBD)

American Legion
Game B:
Highview vs. Christ the King (TBD)
Game F:
Winner B vs. Winner C (TBD)

Saturday, August 25 Tourney Schedule
Location: TBD
Time: TBD



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