Player Profiles up!

17 06 2008

Have you ever wondered what Matt Sell’s favorite movie was…or Doug Harper’s favorite athlete? Yeah, me either…but, you can still find out interesting facts like that (and more) by going to the roster page and clicking on a players name!
Click here to learn more about your favorite MOS “athlete”.



10 06 2008

Tuesdays (June 10) game against Westbrook Alpha @ the Fish Hatchery has been canceled because of the field condition. Stay tuned for rescheduling.

Also, you can now see player profiles by going to the ROSTER Page!

Team History Page Created!

1 09 2007

A Team History Page has been created for all those MOS Players and Fans to look back on the numbers and results from years past. Because this is the first year of the MOS’s existence, there isn’t yet much of a team history! Hope you enjoy—great ’07 Season!

2007 MOS Softball