25 05 2017

LEVIATHAN HATMake sure you download the UPDATED 2017 Leviathan Team Schedule! Because of one of the teams dropping out of the league, the Commish had to change the entire schedule around…so make sure you CLICK HERE to download it!

The next game for the Leviathan is Tuesday, May 30 vs Elmbrook – Lake Country at the Pabst Farms YMCA (@6pm).


2013 Schedule Released!

21 04 2013

ImageThe 2013 League Schedule has been released, and the Leviathan begin by playing Oakwood Blue at the YMCA on May 7th (@ 6pm)! The Leviathan welcome some new additions to the team this year, and look to improve on their 7-5 record from last season.

2013 Season Schedule to download a copy of the 2013 Season Schedule!

Leviathan #3 in League Standings

12 07 2012

After their win on Tuesday night, White Stone Leviathan sit at third place in the League Standings at 6-3. Above them are League powerhouses Oakwood Blue (7-2) and Oakwood Red (9-0). White Stone Behemoth are in 11th place (2-7). There are 2 games left on the schedule, and the Leviathan look to stay towards the top of the standings as they would get a high seed heading into the league tournament. Click here to see the most updated standings, hot off the press from the League Office!

Make-Up Game scheduled for July 6th

1 07 2010

This coming Tuesday (July 6th) the Men of Stone will be playing a make-up game against league giants Oakwood Red. The game has a scheduled start time @ 6pm, and we will be playing in Dousman. If you are not sure how to get to the field (this is the first time we will be playing there), then click here!

If you want to meet and go to the field together be sure to meet at the church by 5:10pm on Tuesday  so that we can leave by 5:15pm. There are NO public bathrooms at the field since it is in someone’s yard. We need all of the support we can get since we are playing an undefeated Oakwood Red team. Hope to see you there!!

Click here to see the MOS Season Schedule.

Men of Stone tied for 4th

7 07 2009

After last weeks victory, the MOS are now tied for 4th place in the league. The White Stone Men play 1st place Oakwood Blue tonight @ DelTown Park (@7pm), as they try to make it 6-4 on the season.

Click here
to see the standings!


23 04 2008

The 2008 MOS Schedule is out!!!
The MEN OF STONE open the ’08 season on May 6th at Fireman’s Park vs Highview (7pm)…make sure you can be there!!! Click here to see the updated schedule or to download your own schedule!!!

Tournament Canceled!

24 08 2007

It is a sad day for the MOS Softball team…this is the first year of the team’s existence, but because of weather/other reasons, the 2007 Delafied Church Softball League Tournament has been canceled. It has been a great year—-an overall record of 7-5. The Men of Stone Softball team will be a team to be reckoned with for years to come!

Coach Matt Sell issued this press release earlier this week:

“It was an Honor,  let me repeat that, it was an HONOR, to be the manager of the men of stone this year.  I am still wondering how I got this position—yet I did.  My main goal was not only to win games but to try and make it fun for every one this year.  I hoped that my effort was noted and that you all felt I tried my best to help this team grow towards winning and towards our Lord.  I will say this, I had a great time with you my brothers and I would do it again in a heart beat.  I enjoyed it some much that I feel God is calling my to actually be some day a head coach of either a high school or college team—I hope in Football.  The positive feedback I was shown helped me handle the pressure I put on my self to do a good job for you my brothers.  We finished the year 7 and 5 and almost every game we lost we were in it till the end.  It was so cool to see the bonds of brotherhood being built and the fellowship that took place every Tuesday Night.  I hope that these bonds continue to grow in the future.  My hope is that you enjoy playing softball and that the manager did an ok job so that you feel it would be worth coming out for the team next year.

I also want to take this time and thank the fans who came out and watch our games even when we lost they were still cheering us on and supporting us.  Thanks to Sarah for taking all the cool action shoots of the game and thanks to Jake for making a great website for the team.  The season is now officially over yet I wish we still had ten more games to go….. 

Well I could on and on about how thankful I am to manage this season—so I leave you with this, it was great to see the effort you guys put into to trying to win every game.  It was great building bonds of brotherhood with you guys.  But it was awesome see how great our God is and what he has been doing in your life.  Cheers Peace and Love to you and your families during this off-season and I would be honored if you would have me back next year.”

Thanks for the great season MOS Players and Fans!!!