Single Game Records

Records are accurate through the 2018 season

Hits: 6 – Adam Andrus(1)

5 – Adam Andrus(1), Jake Andrus(1), Brian Zastrow(1)

Doubles: 3 – Brian Zastrow(1), Adam Andrus(1)

2 – Josh Watson(7), Jake Andrus(7), Tigh Kemnitz(4), Richard LaTour(2), Michael Javornik(2), Brad Fraser(2), Luke Schweng(2), Max Cavaiani(2), Adam Andrus(1), Mike Connell(1), Brian Zastrow(1), Matt Sell(1), Noah Jeanson(1), Luke Dye(1), Logan Matenaer(1)

Triples: 2 – Jake Andrus(2), Adam Andrus(1)

Home Runs: 3 – Max Cavaiani, Josh Watson

2 – Josh Watson(3), Jake Andrus(3), Robert Murphy(1), Luke Schweng (1), Luke Dye(1)

Total Bases: 12 – Max Cavaiani, Josh Watson

11 – Jake Andrus

RBI: 7 – Jake Andrus

6 – Josh Watson(3), Luke Dye(1), Jake Andrus(1), Max Cavaiani(1)

Runs Scored: 6 – Adam Andrus(1)

5 – Adam Andrus(1)


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