Single Game Records

Records are accurate through game 1 of the 2018 season

Hits: 6 – Adam Andrus(1)

5 – Adam Andrus(1), Jake Andrus(1), Brian Zastrow(1)

Doubles: 3 – Brian Zastrow(1), Adam Andrus(1)

2 – Josh Watson(7), Jake Andrus(6), Tigh Kemnitz(4), Richard LaTour(2), Michael Javornik(2), Brad Fraser(2), Luke Schweng(2), Max Cavaiani(2), Adam Andrus(1), Mike Connell(1), Brian Zastrow(1), Matt Sell(1), Noah Jeanson(1)

Triples: 2 – Jake Andrus(2), Adam Andrus(1)

Home Runs: 2 – Josh Watson(3), Jake Andrus(3), Robert Murphy(1), Luke Schweng (1), Luke Dye(1)

Total Bases: 11 – Jake Andrus

10 – Jake Andrus(3), Adam Andrus(1), Robert Murphy(1), Luke Schweng(1), Josh Watson(1)

RBI: 7 – Jake Andrus

6 – Josh Watson(2), Luke Dye(1), Jake Andrus(1)

Runs Scored: 6 – Adam Andrus(1)

5 – Adam Andrus(1)


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