Dye hitting Homerun #2 of the game

In a win that will be talked about for years, the White Stone Leviathan defeated Elmbrook – Lake Country by a score of 26-25 in 5 innings on Tuesday night at the YMCA.

The game started with ELC scoring a whopping 14 runs in the top of the 1st inning, which is thought to be the most runs scored in an inning vs the Leviathan since the aluminum bat was introduced into the sport back in the 1970’s. But the guys fought back, scoring 10 runs of their own in the bottom of the first, cutting the deficit to 4. The bats were hot for both teams, and there were (at least) 8 combined homeruns hit on the night. Leviathan 1st baseman Luke Dye hit 2 towering homers to left field, exciting the dugout and astounding the crowd. Rookie Max Cavaiani crushed a ball over the left-center field fence for a homerun of his own, and left-fielder Jake Andrus hit a towering fly over the rightfield fence.

The game went back and forth like a table tennis match-up between MA Long & FAN Zhendong. Because of the time limit approaching, the umpire said the game would end after 5 innings. With Elmbrook holding on to a 24-21 lead, the Leviathan prepared their offensive. After a few walks and some key hits (by players who deserve credit), the score

Cavaiani trotting home after his Homerun

became tied. With the bases loaded and shortstop Josh Watson at the plate, the pitcher tried to outsmart Watson with an “under-handed-slow-ball.” Watson, one of the oldest veterans on the team, crushed the ball up the middle and the runner on third came across and TOUCHED home for the epic comeback win! Even as this story is being typed on my typewriter, tears are streaming from this sportswriters eyes. What a win! This win will definitely go up there as one of the best wins in Leviathan history, along with the likes of “The Spiderman-Sell Walk-Off” & the “Behemoths Beatdown.”

There were many stars of the game but pitcher Caleb Kruse deserves lots of credit for coming in and holding the opposition to only 11 runs after their 14 run output in the 1st inning. Some other stars were: Max Cavaiani (4-4, HR, 2 doubles, 4 rbi), Luke Dye (2-2, 2 HRs, 4 rbi), Josh Watson (4-5, 3 rbi, game winning hit), Jake Andrus (4-4, HR, 2 doubles, 4 rbi), Matt Sell (3-4, double, 2 runs, rbi), Brad Fraser (3-4, double, triple, 2 runs, 4 rbi), and Adam Andrus (3-5, 2 runs, 2 rbi).

The Leviathan are now 2-0-1 on the season and in 3rd place in the league. They look ahead to next Tuesdays game against Dr Martin Luther Church @ 6pm (location yet to be finalized).


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