Short-Handed Leviathan Win 2015 Opener


It was a cold and windy opening night to the 2015 Softball season, but the 8 man Leviathan team defeated the (new) White Stone #3 team by a score of 14-6.

It was the first time in team history that the Leviathan has so few men…they played 3 outfielders and 3 infielders (3B, SS, & 1B/2B). It was “interesting,” but the guys made it work. Some of the offensive team leaders for the game were Adam Andrus (4-5, 3Runs, 3RBI), Matt Sell (3-4, Run, 2RBI), Josh Watson (2-5, 2B, HR, 2Runs, 3RBI), Jake Andrus (3-5, 2B, 3B, HR, 3Runs, 2RBI), and Kemnitz/Brad Fraser/Luke Dye all added 2 hits as well.


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