*UPDATED Tournament Schedule

13 08 2014

LeviathanAlright men, after many different changes, we finally have a solid tournament schedule. Because a couple teams actually forfeit their tournament, Leviathan have actually earned a 1st round bye and will face Oakwood Blue in the 2nd round of the League Tourney. Leviathan face Oakwood Blue on Saturday morning (Aug 2) at Fireman’s Park at 10:30am. Please get to the field by 10am at the latest, for warm-ups! Below are the tourney seeds and the entire tournament schedule. 
#1 Lake Country Christians 
#2 White Stone Behemoth
#3 Oakwood Blue
#4 Westbrook Omega
#5 Oakwood Red
#6 White Stone Leviathan
#7 St Catherine’s
#8 DR Beacon’s
#9 DR Crusaders
#10 Highview
*Christ the King Church and Dr Martin Luther Church forfeit


  • 8:00 First Round Games
    • American Legion — Divine Redeemer Beacons vs. Divine Redeemer Crusaders (Game 1)
    • Fireman’s Park — Highview vs. St. Catherine’s (Game 2)
  • 9:15 Second Round Games (A)
    • American Legion — Winner Game 1 vs. Lake Country Christians (Game 3)
    • Fireman’s Park — Winner Game 2 vs. White Stone Behemoth (Game 4)
  • 10:30 Second Round Games (B)
    • American Legion — Oakwood Red vs. Westbrook Omega (Game 5)
    • Fireman’s ParkWhite Stone Leviathan vs. Oakwood Blue (Game 6)
  • 11:45 Final Four Games
    • American Legion — Winner Game 5 vs. Winner Game 3 (Game 7)
    • Fireman’s Park — Winner Game 6 vs. Winner Game 4 (Game 8)
  • 1:00 Championship Game
    • American Legion — Winner Game 8 vs. Winner Game 7



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