OH, SO CLOSE! vs Blue

6 07 2014

In a game that started off on the wrong foot for the Leviathan, it nearly ended perfectly Tuesday night at the YMCA. Undefeated Oakwood Blue jumped all over White Stone in the first inning for 5 runs, and put the boys in a hole, early. White Stone fought it’s way back with some timely hitting from the middle of the order and some amazing fielding from the middle of the infield. Josh Watson and Adam Andrus both made acrobatic plays to help hold Oakwood Blue. Some big hitting from Brian Zastrow, Tigh Kemnitz, and Brad Fraser helped bring the Leviathan within one run after the 5th inning at 9-10. Because of the quick approaching hour time-limit, the game would be called after the 6th inning. White Stone started the bottom of the 6th getting their first two men on base, but after 2 force outs and and a line out, the game was over. The comeback wasn’t completed. It was a hard fought game for the white and red, but they hope to avoid the big first inning next Tuesday.

This leaves the Leviathan in the middle of the league standings at 3-2, while Oakwood Blue continues their surprising undefeated start to the 2014 season. Next Tuesday the Leviathan take on Westbrook Omega at 7pm at Fireman’s Park in Delafield.




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