Dye’s Grandslam leads MOS to Victory!

25 05 2011

Josh Watson in deep thought at shortstop

The Men of Stone Softball team collected their second win of the season on Tuesday, as they defeated Dr Martin Luther Church (1) by a score of 16-8. The highlight of the game had to be Luke Dye’s huge Grandslam over the left field wall in the 5th inning.

The game started slowly for the MOS as they went quietly and scoreless in the first 3 innings. DMLC got out to an early lead, but the guys from White Stone muscled up and started crushing the ball. The “Lukes” lead the team with 9 RBI between them, and combined for 4 hits (completing the “partner” cycle–a single, a double, a triple, and a HR). Luke Schweng came up big as he crushed a pitch over the center fielder’s head for an RBI triple, and Dye’s big hit came when he launched a grandslam over the left field fence, with two outs in the top of the 5th inning. The MOS also had a 2-run homer to left-center from Jake Andrus in the the top of the 5th, driving in Josh Watson.

After the game, Luke Dye had this to say about his grandslam,
“J’You know, I have to say that my “jungle boy instincts” just kicked in, and when I saw the ball falling towards my bat, it was like a spider monkey falling from the sky. I know that I needed to hit it as hard as I could, otherwise it might maul me to death. And so that is what I did, I hit the spider monkey ball as hard as I could…and this little jungle boy was able to find his way home. With three of his friends.”

MOS has a double-header next Tuesday in Dousman, as they take on DR Beacons at 6pm, and then do battle with St Catherine’s at 7pm. Make sure to be here as it’s “Luke Dye Grand-Salami Night”…the first 10 fans in attendance will receive a Grand Salami Sandwhich—hold the mustard. Come on out and support the team!




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