White Stone Men rise above .500

1 07 2009

terry and dougOn Tuesday night the MOS defeated St Catherine’s @ DelTown Park by a score of 10-3. With the victory, White Stone improves their record to 5-4 and is back above the .500 mark!

The Men of Stone started off the first inning with the bases loaded, no outs…but were only able to plate one-run. Once White Stone had the lead, however, they never trailed the rest of the game. Newly aquired free-agent Brad Bayerline played in his first game as a White Stoner, and he contributed immediately with some timley hitting and some all-out baserunning. Terry Andrus also had an excellent night going 3-3 and driving some runs in. Jim Fraser, Adam Andrus, Tigh Kemnitz, and Dave Fisher also hit big for the MOS.  Both Josh Watson and Robert Murphy just missed homeruns to left field, as the balls were caught right at the “wall”.  The infielding was again solid, as Luke Schweng, Michael Javornik, Josh Watson, and Adam Andrus played “shut-down” defense. The outfield also played well, as they are  starting to gel and play well as a unit. The pitching was also a highlight of the game, as starter Richard LaTour pitched strong and Doug Harper came in to erase any St Catherine’s hope.  After the game, closer Doug Harper had this to say,

“It’s good to be back above .500 for the year—we started off the season 2-0 but then kind of got into a funk. We are starting to play ball well now, and i expect us to continue this for the remainder of the season! Even though we are playing well, Matt may want to look into free agency to pick up another power hitter—i hear Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa aren’t doing anything these days.”

Thanks to everyone who have been coming to the games and supporting the Men of Stone Softball team! Please have an enjoyable and safe 4th of July! Come out next Tuesday and support the guys!




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