White Stone Get a “W”

luke schweng @ 3rd baseAfter three tough losses in a row, the men from White Stone got back into the win column by defeating Martin Luther 2 by a score of 15-5. Solid hitting combined with a strong defensive performance lead to the victory.
Behind the consistent pitching of Richard LaTour, the White Stone defense was tough, and nearly turned 3 double plays on the night. Also, the outfield backed up their pitcher by having another good night. The bats finally came alive for the MOS as they hit line drive after line drive. Some of the highlights were: Josh Watson’s huge run scoring triple and Michael Javonik & Ryan Duel’s 3 hit night.

Player/Coach Matt Sell had this to say after the win,
“After missing the last 2 games with a leg injury, i knew my team needed me. I think it was clear that i sparked on the men tonight…My heroic play tonight obviously inspired our guys. Not that i give myself all the credit—but i probably deserve much of it.”

White Stone is now at .500 for the season with a 3-3 record. Next week the Men try to win 2 in a row as they face a tough Westbrook Alpha team at the Fish Hatchery (6pm). Make sure to come, as it is Ryan Duel picture night—the first 500 fans get their picture taken with MOS star player Ryan Duel! (Make sure to come early!)
Click here to see the updated (6/3) League Standings!

2 thoughts on “White Stone Get a “W”

  1. Sorry fans. My agent and I feel with my upcoming contract negotiations, and that I can’t under my current contract due this picture night for free, that it would be best to cancell the event. Please come out anyways and cheer us on, and maybe if you slip me alittle cash under the table you can have your picture taken with me behind the porta-john!!

  2. Geez, you’d think after a 3-hit night you’d get my name right?!? Haha, I got a good laugh from reading Matt’s “quote”. And, I can’t wait for next week’s big promotion! I’m going to get a facial and new haircut for my picture with Ryan Braun…I mean Duel.

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