Westbrook Alpha beats MOS with low-scoring stick…

2 07 2008

The White Stone softball team lost a low-scoring affair to Westbrook Alpha by a score of 7-4.
Runs were hard to come by Tuesday night as White Stone only had one until the bottom of the 7th. The “new-look” MOS defense had a good night, though, as they were solid for most of the night. Great plays by Adam Andrus @ shortstop and Matt Elstad @ OF sparked the team. Also, Doug Harper had a solid game manning 3rd base much of the game.
The game started of poorly for White Stone, as they allowed 4 runs to score in the first inning—the runs came mostly on MOS misplays. For some reason, the guys couldn’t string together enough hits to score any runs. Their first run came in the bottom of the 4th when they scored on a Jake Andrus solo homer. It wasn’t until the bottom of the 7th, until they finally put something together. Adam Andrus had a great line drive, and then Doug Harper followed up with a hit. Josh Watson then crushed a ground rule double—feet away from a 2-Run Homer. Josh was then hit in by the following batter. The rally came up just short, however. Ryan Duel and Michael Javornik also hit the ball well for the Men of Stone Tuesday night.

MOS first baseman Jim Fraser made these comments following the game,
“Tonight we just couldn’t get our bats going. I think maybe we started losing focus…i saw some guys playing Yahtzee in the dugout, a couple of the other guys were eating a rack of ribs, and i saw one guy sleeping under the bench. I think maybe next game we need to focus more. We lost against a good team tonight, so i am not that disappointed—we just need to put together some games that combine some good defense with good offense…then i think we will be ok.”

Come out to the Fish Hatchery next Tuesday as the Men of Stone play Dr Martin Luther (2) @ 7pm!
Have a great 4th of July weekend!!!

Click here to check out the MOS Player Profiles
Click here to check out the standings




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