Big Innings lead MOS to first Win

20 05 2008

The Men of Stone beat St. Catherine’s by a score of 14-10 on Tuesday night to capture their first win of the season. The MOS started off hot, as they posted a 4-run first inning highlighted by Josh Watson’s monster 3-run homer into the rain forest in left field. The MOS also came away with a 4-run second inning, as hot hitters Ty Kemnitz and Jake Kerr came up with some big hits. The MOS added another 3 runs in the 3rd, as Jake Andrus hit a line-drive homerun that scored both himself and red hot-hitting veteran Doug Harper.

As the Men of Stone pulled out to a 11-0 lead, pitcher Richard LaTour was cruising as he pitched 3 innings of scoreless, 1-hit baseball. The MOS ran into some trouble in the 4th, though, as St. Catherine’s were helped by their bats, and also a handful of White Stone errors and mistakes. After the top of the 4th was in the books, the score was suddenly 11-9.

The game momentum was starting to turn to St. Catherine’s favor, when, from the crowd, the high pitched call of “Lukey, Lukey, Lukey…” was heard by all. Yes, mother Dye was trying to swing the momentum back to the White Stonians, and swing the momentum she did. The White Stone Men eventually reigned victorious with a 14-10 win, as they now have a 1-1-1 record for the season. The game was highlighted by a gargantuan Josh Watson homerun, a spectaculor over-the-shoulder catch by 2nd baseman Adam Andrus, and the debut of Texan Luke Schweng. Newcomer Luke Schweng had this to say about the victory…

“Well, i know the MOS were winless before i arrived, so it is very rewarding to know that i am possibly the sole reason we won this game,” Luke said as he smiled cleverly and pointed to the bottom of his shoe (“sole”, get it?). “I should be back in Wisconsin in early June, so i reckon that’s when we will get our next victory. Yeeehaaaaa!!!!”
Luke then tipped his 10 gallon hat and fired his 6 shooter in the air several times for emphasis.

Please cheer on the Men of Stone next Tuesday as they take on Westbrook Omega @ Fireman’s Park in Delafield (6pm). Click here to see the standings. Click here to see the schedule!




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21 05 2008

that quote from Luke is way over the top. Luke, you are conceded!

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