Winning Streak Ends

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You knew it was going to be a long night when Max Dye walked behind the MOS dugout and yelled, “You’re gonna lose!” (ala A League of Their Own).

The winning streak came to an end, Tuesday, as Oakwood Blue dominated in every way scoring a 12-4 victory over the Men of Stone. The MOS jumped out to an early 1-0 lead, but that was the only bright spot in the game. The usually “sure-handed” infield of the MOS had a rough game, letting many-a-ball slither under their gloves. The bats were also dead, as the MOS hit pop up after pop up…and just for good measure, the mental mistakes were plentiful, as the team made a handful of base path errors.

Fan, Riley Harper (son of legendary pitcher, Doug Harper), had this to say after the game,
“Well, this has been just a PERFECT night…i mean, first the MOS get crushed, and now i hear the Brewers got NO-HIT!!!! I think i will go cry myself to sleep tonight!”

If there were any bright spots in the game, they were these:
3) Jake Kerr went 2-2 with 2 line drive singles in his last MOS game (Jake is moving for his summer Camp job).

2) Pete Hypki hosed a guy out at third (from right field) with a rocket throw. The tag was applied by Matt Elstad as the umpire took a few seconds to rule on the bang-bang play.

1) Jim “Flinstone” Fraser legged out an infield single…the exhaust following Jim sent some sort of smoke signal in the air and the local authorities soon arrived to check the scene.

Come out and support the Men of Stone as they look to get back on the winning track when they face Dr. Martin Luther King (2) at 6pm at the friendly confines of Fireman’s Park in Delafield.

charlie_obrien.jpgCharlie O’Brien says,”Don’t get discouraged,
MOS, keep playing hard, like me—Charlie O!”


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