The MOS Win First game of Season!

the “Bronx Bomber”

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The Men of Stone softball team won their first game of the season against a veteran Dr Martin Luther (1) squad, 11-9. The MOS took the lead for good after posting a 6-run second inning vs Luther. The bats were alive for the MOS as they hit line drive after line drive. Matt Elstad provided some excitement when he crushed a triple over the left fielder’s head, driving in the Bronx Bomber, Jonathan Kierman.

Adam Andrus, lead-off man and second baseman for the MOS, had this to say of the victory,

“We played hard tonight…Old Man Fisher threw a heck of a game for us…that ump also really helped us out on a few of those calls. Gotta love that ump!”

The battery of Dave Fisher and Jim Fraser was too much for the Lutheran’s to overcome. The exciting last out of the game came on a “bang-bang” play at home to preserve the 2-run victory.

Bring the kids out next Tuesday for Matt Sell Bobblehead night as the MOS face St. Catherine’s @ 6pm.

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2 thoughts on “The MOS Win First game of Season!

  1. I can’t believe Adam called Dave “Old Man Fisher”. That kid needs to starts respecting his elder(ly)s.

  2. Greetings from Brazil! The website is awesome. Way to go MOS with the womping of westbrook! Can’t wait to get back with you all.

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